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Few artists have been doing this as long as Delaware Based singer/songwriter Nic Snow. The youngest son raised in his father’s church in Chester, PA, Nic Snow is a product of Delaware's most prestigious music institutions - Christina Cultural Arts Center and Cab Calloway School of the Arts.  Best known for his energetic live shows and pink wardrobe Nic Electrifies audiences with emotional performances.  With lush soundscapes and electronic futuristic R&B his music draws influences from Michael Jackson, Childish Gambino, Chance the Rapper, and Stevie Wonder. Filling every release with his rich storytelling and soulful melodies Nic draws listeners into his world with intimate narratives and impassioned harmonic hooks, Nic’s creations will stay with you long after the last note. Soon to release his upcoming LP Alone, the Delawarean artist recently dropped his pounding pop hit “Invisible Girl”. Filled with warped synth patterns and Nic’s silky smooth vocals, the track articulates the end of a romantic relationship - retrieving his self-worth and sense of identity. “‘Invisible Girl’ is about reclaiming your individuality after a break up”


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